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Sun Tee | Bone

A natural linen t-shirt made with sustainably-grown French linen, knit in Portugal, and washed with biodegradable softeners.

Size Chart
Fits true to size.
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    Popi is 5'7" and wears an S. Ana is 5'3" and wears an S.


    The same cut as the men's Sun Tee


    • Made with 100% sustainably-grown French linen and dyed with organic, GOTS-certified pigments.
    • Washed with biodegradable enzymes so the fabric is soft from first wear.
    • Learn more about our process here


    Wash cool, tumble dry. Our knit linen is pre-shrunk so don't be too worried about shrinkage.


    Knit, cut and sewn in Portugal.

    linen linen
    100% Natural Materials. No Synthetics
    • Linen

      Linen is a sustainable, natural fiber made from the flax plant. It needs only sun and rain to grow. We grow our flax in Normandy, France, overlooking the English Channel.

      Our Bo Shorts, Cham Pants, Playa Shirts, Kite Jackets and Sun Tees are all made with 100% linen.

    • Organic Softeners

      Organic softeners are natural enzymes added to water that break down tough fibers in the wash.

      We wash all our clothes with organic softeners to make them super soft from first wear.

    • Expert Craft

      Our Sun Tees are made in Guimarães, Portugal, a UNESCO heritage site with a linen industry more than 200 years old. The town sits at a confluence of rivers, not far from the ocean, the perfect spot for linen production.

    Made In Portugal



    Size Guide: Sun Tees

    Compare with a garment that fits you well.
    Measure with the garment laying flat.

    16.5" 42
    17.5" 45
    18.5" 47
    19.5" 50
    20.5" 52
    21.5" 55
    24.5" 62
    25.5" 65
    26.5" 67
    27.5" 70
    28.5" 72
    29.5" 75
    Shoulder |

    Measure across the back from shoulder point to shoulder point.

    Length |

    Measure from the top of the shoulder (at collar seam) straight to the bottom hem.