The Gift Guide

Since it's a gift-y time o' year, we thought we'd put together a little gift guide. So if you're gift hunting...hunt no further:

Here are my recommendations, in no particular order (even though I numbered them...)

#1. The Getaway: Gifts for Snowbirds. Here are some gifts for folks who fly south for the winter. 

THE LINES BO SHORTS ($75), our all-time bestseller. They're just right: classy and easy. They catapult you right to the beach.  

THE MOSS SUN TEE ($55), the newest addition to our Sun Tee family. Super-soft 100% knit Portuguese linen. They're about as breezy as it gets. 

#2. The Fireside: Gifts for Keeping Toasty. Here are some gifts for lounging by the fire. 

THE BONE BLANKET SHIRT ($85), our supremely warm knit Pima cotton shirt. Lightweight and soft as a blanket. 

THE INK KITE JACKET ($195), our bestselling jacket. Super-soft, American wash canvas. It's the perfect weight - it just feels good on your shoulders. 

The Cherry-On-Top: Gifts That Go Above and Beyond. Here's how to put the proverbial cherry on top. 

THE GIFT BAG ($15), a curated assortment of treats. It includes chocolate, oil, tea and palo santo. Add it to any order to class it up. 

The Foolproof: Gifts for the Enigma. Here's how to gift for folks who are hard to pin down. 

THE GIFT CARD ($50-$500), a guaranteed win. They never expire and folks get exactly what they want :)

And that's all folks! Happy gifting.