Meet + Greet, Pt 1

Introducing...Meet + Greet, a series of profiles of people we think are cool. To kick it off, please meet (and greet) Domenic Frunzi, a ceramicist in Philly. 

Sun Tee / Steel

Domenic makes pottery, real nice stuff. All handmade and wheel-thrown in his studio. He started as a painter but came to ceramics while teaching high school art. He found purpose in clay, a love for functional objects. In his words: "Philadelphia is a clay heavy city."

Sun Tee / Steel

As luck would have it, the pandemic has been great for business. He started sharing pieces on Instagram and hand-delivering around town. And now he can hardly keep up with demand :) 

Playa Shirt / SnowHe says he likes wearing his Sun Tee and Cham Pants while working (but maybe he was just saying that to be nice). If you'd like to connect with Domenic, send him a message on Instagram and he'll hit you back. 

Kite Jacket / Moss