Alex Crane

Alex Crane makes clothes for modern folk. We make clean, sharp fits that give you room to move. We use fabrics that feel right everywhere, no matter how high (or low) the stakes. We choose colors that complement the world around you. We construct to last, so you can live hard, get things done, and get better everyday.


We make clothes for people who assume nothing, who don't miss a beat, and who think everyday life is bizarre and wonderful. Alex Crane is for people who are at ease, who think before they act, live deliberately, are vital members of their communities, and believe a rising tide raises all ships. 



At Alex Crane, we make everything in the wild and free USA. We work with good people at factories in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.


We care a heck of a lot for the people we work with --- we visit, we text, we know their families. Good product takes a village, and we're grateful for our community.