Alex Crane

Alex Crane makes clothes that are light in spirit and get better in time --- essentials you can wear all day, everyday, from work to play. Above all, Alex imagines the life of his products, from first day to last. He makes clothes that improve with wear --- the fibers soften, the colors evolve, but the fit remains the same.


Alex Crane grew up in San Francisco, right on the coast. He knows the subtle colors, natural shapes, the homesteader spirit. In a way, he’s tried to replicate that world ever since. 


He now designs from the HQ in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Come visit.


Well-Worn Project

Buy it new, wear it well, sell it back. Our clothes just get better in time. That's the Well-Worn Project.


Follow these steps to get in the mix: 

  1. Wear your Alex Crane clothing everyday (or most days...) 
  2. Wash warm and tumble dry cool
  3. Join the Family
  4. Write us to let us know what's coming.
  5. Send it back for 50% credit towards your next purchase
  6. Stay tuned to see what we make of your Well-Worn piece


More info here



At Alex Crane, we make everything in the wild and free USA. We work with good people at factories in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.


We care a heck of a lot for the people we work with --- we visit, we text, we know their families. Good product takes a village, and we're grateful for our community.