Alex Crane

Alex Crane makes play clothes, because we all do our best when we feel light at heart. We choose fabrics, colors and fits that make us feel playful and curious. That's why we love linen - it's just breezy. 


Play is a spirit. You don't necessarily have to dance and sing (although those are great options) - but it's good to remember that life is worth enjoying, even when it’s sad or painful or boring. And, for better or worse, clothes have a big impact on how we feel. 


We manufacture with cool, hardworking people in the U.S.A and scout materials from all around the world. We have a secret shop at our loft in Brooklyn - write us to schedule a time to stop by. 


We manufacture in America and source materials from all across the globe (from Japan, to Portugal, to Argentina).


The common thread (pun intended) is good people - all our partners are highly skilled, passionate and playful. Good product takes a village, and we're grateful for our tribe. Let us know if you'd like to connect with anyone we work with.