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This product is made from
  • plants
  • leather

A leather and canvas roll-top backpack handmade in Thailand by expert artisans. 12 oz army green shell with raw leather adjustable straps and exterior pocket.  

Limited edition 

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    Organic Cotton Organic Cotton
    Made with organic cotton and washed in an enzyme bath so the fabric is soft from first wear.
    Raw Leather Raw Leather
    Made with hand-painted leather from León, Mexico.
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    One size fits all


    Dry clean


    Made in Thailand

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    Organic Cotton

    Organic cotton is grown without fertilizers or pesticides and uses 70% less water than conventional cotton. We grow our organic cotton in northern India in the state of Punjab. 

    Why we use it

    Cotton is naturally soft, durable, and breathable. Only 1% of global cotton production is organic—we want to help increase that percentage.

    Raw Leather

    All of our leather goods are made with ethically sourced leather.

    Why we use it

    Raw leather is more durable and beathable than chemically treated leather. And it develops a beautiful patina with wear. Only 10% of global leather production is tanned with organic tannins.