Road Less Traveled

Cooper + Cora biked 1,000 miles in 3 weeks from Oaxaca to Cancun. They traveled through desert, across high alpine valleys "reminiscent of a Mexican Sound of Music" and through the howler-monkey-filled Yucatan. They brought some AC linens with them along the journey, and they served them well.  

Like all good adventurers, they took the road less-traveled. By day three they were on a dirt road at 8,000 feet. 

From San Cristóbal, they took the long-way along the border of Guatemala via Comitán. 

They hit armed blockades, roads disintegrating into the jungle and nearly vertical mountains. All along the way, they were guided with help from a million strangers and stumbled across perfect swimming holes.  

At one point, they put their bikes in the back of a truck and road 6-hours out of the mountains. 

And their AC linens kept them nice and cool all along the journey.