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Canvas Kite Jacket / Chai

A cinnamon brown jacket made with well-washed organic canvas.

Size Chart
Fits true to size.
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    Jax is 6'1" and wears an L.


    Made with organic cotton and washed in an enzyme bath so the fabric is soft from first wear.


    Wash cool, tumble dry. Our canvas is mostly pre-shrunk but will still shrink in high-heat.


    Cut-and-sewn in Chennai, India.

    org cotton org cotton
    100% Natural Materials. No Synthetics
    • Organic Cotton

      Organic cotton is grown without fertilizers or pesticides and uses 70% less water than conventional cotton. We grow our organic cotton in northern India in the state of Punjab. 

      Our canvas Kite Jackets and Cham Pants are made with 100% organic cotton. 

    • Organic Softeners

      Organic softeners are natural enzymes added to water that break down tough fibers in the wash.

      We wash all our clothes with organic softeners to make them super soft from first wear.

    • Corozo

      Corozo is made from the seeds of the Ivory Palm, a tropical tree native to South America. It looks and feels like horn, giving it the nickname “plant ivory.”

      All our buttons are made with 100% corozo.

    • Expert Craft

      Our cut-and-sew factory in India is located in Chennai, a tropical seaside city on the Bay of Bengal. The shop is nearly 50 years old and is known for superior quality (ISO 9001) and excellent working conditions (SA 800).

    Made In Chennai



    Size Guide: Kite Jackets (Canvas)

    Compare with a garment that fits you well.
    Measure with the garment laying flat.

    16" 41
    17" 43
    18" 46
    19" 48
    20" 51
    21" 53
    28" 71
    29" 74
    30" 76
    31" 78
    32" 81
    33" 84
    Shoulder |

    Measure across back from shoulder tip to shoulder tip.

    Length |

    Measure from the top of the shoulder (at collar seam) to the bottom hem.