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Ola Shirt / Electric

This shirt is made from
  • nuts

A tie-dye short-sleeve button-down shirt made with sustainably-grown French linen, washed with biodegradable softeners and hand dip-dyed (twice) with natural indigo in Pennsylvania.

Limited Edition Natural Dye

100% biodegradable

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    Maro is 6' and wears an M


    Corozo Corozo
    The buttons are made with corozo, a Brazilian nut known as "plant ivory."
    Learn more about our materials and process.


    Wash cool, hang dry. Our linen is full-bodied and rarely requires ironing.


    Cut, sewn and printed in Chennai, India. Hand-dyed in Pennsylvania. 

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    Corozo is made from the seeds of the Ivory Palm, a tropical tree native to South America. It looks and feels like horn, giving it the nickname “plant ivory.”

    Why we use it

    Corozo buttons are extremely strong and heat resistant. Unlike synthetic buttons (made of plastic), corozo buttons are bio- degradable and naturally renewable.

    Botanical Dyes

    Natural pigments derived from flowers, plants, seeds and minerals. Our dyes are made from indigo, weld flowers, avocado and iron ore.

    Why we use it

    Unlike synthetic dyes (which leak toxins), botanical dyes are natural and 100% biodegradable.

    Dyed in Pennsylvania

    Each piece is hand-dyed at a natural dye house in Pennsylvania. We use only naturally occurring, 100% biodegradable pigments.


    Size Guide: Ola Shirt

    Compare with a garment that fits you well. Measure
    Measure with the garment laying flat.

    16.5 41.9
    17.5 44.4
    18.5 47
    19.5 49.5
    20.5 52
    21.5 54.6
    28 71
    28.5 72
    29 73.6
    29.5 75
    30 76
    30.5 77.5

    Measure across the back from shoulder point to shoulder point.


    Measure from the top of the shoulder (at collar seam) straight to the bottom hem.

    Questions? Write us at hey@alexcrane.co